Is this a swimming pool or a natural pond Ed Sheeran?

You may have seen this “natural pool” in the newspapers…

This pool belongs to the singer Ed Sheeran. Apparently some neighbours are objecting to the pool because the original planning permission was for a natural pool. So whilst there’s legal stuff going on, we’re not going to make any comment on this. Other than to say, a natural pool to swim in is a great way of combining natural features with wildlife.

Natural pools can be a self-sufficient system, where reed beds filter the water and there is no use of harmful chemicals such as chlorine, (which fish cannot tolerate). They are extremely relaxing places to swim and are becoming more popular, although they can be very expensive to install.

This looks pretty natural. And has more chance of wildlife than Ed Sheeran’s pool.

If you are thinking of a natural pond to swim in remember they can be anything from £50,000 to £250,000 so make sure you have the money available to realise your dream. One thing is certain though. You’ll need a specialist pond company to build it and make sure that you have a contract in place in case anything goes wrong.