Water features

Whether you have a budget of a million or a few pounds, it doesn’t matter to us. It’s all about harmony and how water makes you feel and there are many ways to achieve that stress-free and peaceful environment in your garden, (or public space).

Naturally recovered stone from an old building can be a great addition when building a natural looking pond.
formal water sculpture
Formal water sculptures can look great in the right setting. This one costs upwards of £200…so yo have to make sure you budget…
slate water features
Pre-drilled and ready to have the water pipe run through them…character features stones like this are popular
water features for ponds
stepped water features for ponds can be created to a size and style suited for any garden, it’s water courses for horses…
Rocks are one of the most dynamic ways of making a pond dramatic
A shallow waterfall combined with sympathetic planting is one of our favourite styles of creating a water feature
Pre-drilled rocks and stones can come in any colour
Sculpture style water features can add drama to a pond and also help create flow and movement