Where are the ponds going? 500,000 lost municipal ponds disaster…

There’s a catastrophic loss of ponds in this country. Half a million municipal ponds have been lost according to the RHS and Wildlife Trusts. This has led to a loss of habitat for ponds, toads and other wildlife which the two charities are urging homeowners to redress.

PondScaper is all up for promoting ponds. And it can be a simple as an upturned washbasin in a hole in the ground. Animals and insects need water. It can mean the difference between life and death.

With 13 per cent of all animal and plant species that rely on freshwater environments faced with extinction ponds are more desperately needed than ever.

Why have people filled in ponds? Because in many cases health and safety has forced local authorities to act and fill them in. But is this really necessary? Can’t there be ways of preventing accidents? Of course there can. It’s just been easier to fill the ponds in and be done with it.

So it’s up to householders to help nature. Hedgehogs, bats, butterflies, dragonflies and others all need your help. If you are thinking about a water feature of a pond get in touch with a professional or look online for pond building help.

Take a look at this video from the Sussex Wildlife Trust on how to build a natural pond for inspiration.